Every piece of underwear you buy contributes to a massive billion dollar global underwear market. Forecasts estimate global underwear market to be somewhere in the 80-90 billion US dollars range in 2016. Our smalls it turns are really quite big in the greater scheme of things. Whilst a lot of your underwear is made in Asia, the companies who sell it are elsewhere. The top global producers are the USAs L Brands (Victoria’s Secret), Hanes (Wonderbra) and Europe’s Triumph and Calzedonia group. Other independent brands also hold their own in the market with a smaller percent. Movement in the underwear industry largely depends on demand and the latest fashion trends. If one style becomes popular you are likely to see more of it for sale on the retailers’ shelves. It really is important to producers of underwear that they provide what both men and women want, so the next time you pop out to buy your panties just think about how much you can influence the underwear industry.

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